Are you curious?

Seth Godin, author of The Dip and other great business books, says schools squash curiosity…
I think that’s often true. One of the greatest gifts we can give our students and our own children is a desire to learn, to be curious, to ask questions and find truth.
I love this.

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  1. Hi Susan:
    I really enjoyed Godin’s video clip as it resonated with a lot of issues I’ve been pondering lately. For instance, the need for leaders to create a culture of innovation. As you stated, curiosity is another piece that is so valuable in the classroom.
    However, it seems that this, as Godin states, is stifled in formal education. Just look at how research is taught in many secondary classrooms and this is very evident. I can only hope that curiosity is embraced in more classrooms as we move forward but I fear that the older students become, the more curiosity becomes coined as rebellious or a inattentive behavior that needs adjusting.

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