Beginning summer “work”

Summer has started, but my mind is still on last Friday.Reflection1

Our Upper School faculty spent the last day of school beginning to talk about our entire curriculum–how we plan, teach, organize, and assess–and what it all means. We discovered we are more alike than different, but we also found significant variations in our philosophies and approaches.
Nevertheless, the conversations were good, and I hope for more during the summer and again next fall.
I am so excited to be organizing the Virginia cohort of the PLP for Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach and Will Richardson. This Powerful Learning Practice will guide us in this:

An understanding of the transformative potential of Web 2.0 tools in a
global perspective and context and how those potentials can be realized
in schools

An understanding of the shifting learning literacies that the 21st
demands and how those literacies inform teacher practice.

The development of sustained professional learning networks for team
members to begin experimenting and sharing with other team members and online colleagues from around the world.

Sustainability: The creation of long term plans to move the vision forward in participating districts at the end of the program.

Capacity: An increase in the abilities and resources of individuals, teams and the community to manage change.

I also look to colleagues and friends to help me continue to put into place the foundation that makes teaching successful at FA. For example, Patrick Woessner has been writing much about the process his own school is going through as they begin a tablet program. In this post, he talks about the "search and research process" so necessary to teach our students. Perfect timing for me, as we are having the same discussions.

After a short trip to Quebec next weekend (a combination anniversary/birthday present), I'm looking forward to digging into these ideas, fleshing them out, and seeing how we can clarify our own procedures.

Ah, it's going to be a summer of possibilities.

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  1. We’re plugging away here on summer PD; thanks for checking in on us! The search/research piece is one of the most difficult for our students and faculty to come to terms with because of the over-reliance on Google and Wikipedia. Those tools are good and not going away, but they need to see that research is a multi-step process that requires a structured approach and multiple resources. If you come up with the “magic solution” to that little issue, PLEASE let us know :-)

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