Summer Begins

IMG_0713  Between visits with family (wonderful), leading a workshop (stressful), and getting over Vertigo (yuk), I feel  like summer work has only started today.
I am trying to use July to prepare for next fall (and not let the time slip away). Here's what I'm up to:

As I sip my coffee, glancing up occasionally to watch the dog roll in the grass or to enjoy the flowers scattered around the garden, I can feel my brain clearing. My body is experiencing calming, physical changes as I move to this summer mode. I have been inspired by teacher Steve Shann to focus on meaningful and connected things.

I'm off to walk the dog.


  1. Firstly, your garden looks beautiful! So neat, pretty and lush. Secondly, sorry to hear you had vertigo; hope you don’t ever get it again. It’s interesting that now we, in Australia, are slowly moving through our Winter looking through your Summer photos and hearing about you relaxing as you gradually inhabit a different zone where time takes on a different dimension. I’m looking forward to checking out your links, and I hope you enjoy your break.

  2. Thanks, Tania. I also find it interesting to think of you all in a different season and place in your school year. Summer is a great time for me to think and plan. I’m looking forward to hearing about your final PLP projects!

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