Daily Rituals

Doug Belshaw posted this interesting link to what famous thinkers do on a daily basis. Now I’m not famous or even a great thinker, but the post got ME thinking about my daily rituals.

  • I start the day at 4:45 with a cup of coffee and my laptop-gotta see who’s been tweeting during the night.
  • Twenty minutes later, I’m off ¬†for a 3-mile run or heading to the gym to lift weights.
  • I eat a Lara Bar at snack time, 10 am at my school.
  • I take Beau for a walk as soon as I get home for school, unless it’s raining.
  • I try to go to bed by 9 pm each night (try, but not always successful)

I don’t think of myself as an organized, ritualistic person. But there you go. What are your daily habits?


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