Life is Good

You’ve seen the t-shirts, hats, and bags. The company has made much money promoting their “simple message of optimism.”

I wish it were that easy. But I do find when I can focus on the good, I am more appreciative of what I have and who I am. David and I walked downtown this morning, carrying an umbrella in the ever-present dark clouds–waiting for yet another storm.

We met friends at Foode for a fabulous brunch. A hundred laughs later, we waddled out to the street, bright sunlight streaming everywhere. Yes! The cliche popped into my head: life is good.

Writing Notes

Flump_1015I’ve returned from New England, a week spent visiting my mom, playing with grandkids, and soaking up sun. I also managed to eat swordfish-twice.

In spare minutes, I read (books on the beach, my iPad on the train, and my Feedly feed on my laptop).  What I didn’t do was write. But I’m ready to dive in again. I always manage to find nuggets of joy and sadness when I visit my mom, thoughts I process by writing.

But that’s not all I brought home. I’ve learned to pause and record conversations and feelings that I’ll mix and remix later in poetry and prose. From this visit, I’m considering:

  • a sailboat race with a small, blond child (she looked so fierce)
  • a strange conversation between three 20-somethings about their parents
  • a drunk women on the train who tried to engage other passengers in bizarre conversations
  • my father’s workshop  (a topic I am revisiting)

Now, where to start……..