Downtown Press

Sometimes it takes a while to know what drives our passion. In my case, it took years.

But I believe it’s never too late. It only took one workshop in letterpress printing to convince me that I needed to print.

I bought my first proof press, and then a small tabletop platen press, and finally a 1,000 lb Chandler and Price 8×12. Words have always mattered to me– and that’s probably why I love quotes from others as well. So I create– cards, small prints to display on a table or desk, and prints to frame.

I’m an introvert at heart.  So spending hours sorting type or printing cards with my sweet dog by my side is really heaven. I sell my cards locally here (but if you see something you want, just email, and I’ll work something out):

Libertytown Arts

Agora Downtown Coffee Shop




Val’s Florist


I can’t cook, though I love to eat. I can’t paint or draw, though I create art. I have failed at yoga, but I am beginning to meditate and drum. Somehow this all comes together.

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