A UMW blogger or two

You might be interested in reading the blogs of Gardner Campbell and another colleague at UMW (Jerry? Steve? His name is coming up one way on the blog and another way in my RSS feed)  here and here. This post, in particular, talks about Twitter! It’s great to hear college professors discussing teaching with technology in general– and–good teaching in particular.

Thinking about the way you teach?

If you are interested in seeing a practical application (examples, blogs, discussions about laptops with students) of constructivist teaching and technology, visit HERE. Be sure to click on as many links as you can. I would love to talk more about this.

What are the students doing?

Wes Fryer pointed to this article and chart from Business Week showing who’s doing what online. Take a look at the 12-17-year-old age group! The highest percentage use/join social networking sites (MySpace, Facebook, etc). I hope we can discuss ways to use this interest or at least become aware of what they are doing and how it affects their online experience.