Sea, Sun, Sand

I am rejuvenated.

What is it about walking in soft, white sand, staring at teal water, or slipping through gentle waves as we sail?

After a long winter of health issues, mom issues, and freezing cold weather, I am ready to — well, ready to continue on. The problems don’t change, but they are certainly easier when I’ve had a break. I’ve enlisted the help of experts for the next few weeks to guide me through some decisions about caring for mom, and that will help. Also, I’m setting up a regular schedule of visits with her so I can designate some printing time. I’ve missed that.

But this morning, my thoughts are back in Turks and Caicos. What a gift.

The mind should be allowed some relaxation, that it may return to its work all the better for the rest. Seneca 

Always Learning

My dad used to work in his woodshop all the time. He made furniture and trim work around the house. And I never knew him to pass a deserted boat on the river that he didn’t drag home to re-do.

I suppose that’s why I was drawn to this workshop. I have to admit. Some of the power tools made me nervous. After all, I do have a bit of anxiety. But when I finished a cutting board I felt like I had accomplished something.

Isn’t it pretty?

Early Morning Writing

I am a low energy person. If I don’t get important things done by noon, they don’t get done.

Well, that’s a slight exaggeration, but I am definitely a morning person. This photo happened on my way to the gym. I took a slight detour because I could see the sun making beautiful patterns in the sky.

My writing happens in the morning. My planning happens in the morning. And my printing happens in the morning.

Later in the day, I read, take walks (when it’s warm), or catch up on running my cards and prints around town. Anything that takes focus and concentration is over.

I think- no, I know– this is because I’m still not sleeping well. I thought it was stress, but that seems to be dissipating. Perhaps it’s subconscious. Whatever it is, I often watch the clock tick past the middle of the night hours.

Even so, I am grateful for the sights and sounds of dawn. Totally worth it.