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    Problem Solving

    The images are terrible, but I’m excited about the progress. Photo 1, no packing. Photo 2, heavy packing on the first line, Photo 3, light packing on the first line, Photo 4, light packing on the top line and two…

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    It’s SO in my Head

    I’ve thought a lot the past few years about how my thoughts create my reality. I know. It’s all a little “woo woo.” But it’s true. After slamming my head into the sidewalk two weeks ago during a run, I’ve…

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    Listening to Robert

    I loved teaching Cormier’s books (I am the Cheese, The Chocolate War). It’s probably why his words mean even more to me now. Patience…. image credit #digiwrimo

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    A Dead End

    In my worst nightmare, I am 5 or 6, riding in the back seat of my family’s car. My dad is driving up a steep mountain, around and around, almost like a child’s cylinder cone I used to play with.…