Once I year (I can say that now because I’ve done this twice), I attend a camp in Asheville, NC. It’s called Life is a Verb, directed by author/speaker Patti Digh.

We make art, write, connect with friends, share quiet moments by the pond, and laugh at the raucous talent show. It’s an amazing experience, and I come away inspired to create and share my work.

So, for now, I am holding on to what is good. I am not going to let world events (and specifically our frustrating US political situation) get me down.

And there goes summer….

Photos of my dad and grandfather sitting in the same place in the old living room.
Photos of my dad and grandfather sitting in the same place in the old living room. I love how it’s a favorite nap place.

If you follow me on Instagram, you know I’ve spent a little more than two weeks in my favorite place: Rhode Island. I’ve been going since I was a baby, and that’s a damn long time.

We drifted on the salt pond, swam in the ocean, read on the back porch, and played with kids and grandkids. Plus I explored my grandfather’s scrapbook and found some cool memories!

Now I’m back and on the press. I really missed it, which tells me something. I am in my happy place here, too.

David secures the boat for an evening "float"
David secures the boat for an evening “float”

A Delightful Time Had By All

We dragged our tables, books, cards, some pottery, our chairs, and a huge tent to the river yesterday. You would think three women could handle that, but after 9 hours in the sun and some heavy lifting, we were spent. Still, we enjoyed seeing so many friends. It was a great day to show people what we do and who we are!


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Marketing our studio takes more time and effort than I imagined. Some days the effort leaves little time for the art! What it does mean, though, is a chance to meet new people and visit new places in Fredericksburg (and online).

I am also joining Main Street #fxbg as a Board member. I really look forward to getting to know folks who’ve been creating and maintaining the kind of community I want to live in. Artists, shop owners, residents, and tourists share this town, and it is coming back to life.

As part of our one-year celebration at the studio, we are having a card contest. Yes, that’s right. In a few days, we’ll post on Facebook an opportunity for you to write your favorite quote. As long as it’s short (and I have enough type), it may be chosen. That means I’ll letterpress print your quote on a card or poster. You’ll be famous. Or at least the person you quote will be featured. Your prize? Five cards!

If you haven’t connected on Facebook yet, please do. ¬†And watch for the card contest.

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