Impossibly Heavy

Impossibly Heavy

My type arrived in two cartons from #letterpress things in MA today, and I nearly broke my back getting it inside the house. (Sorry UPS guy.) Luckily I have two extra type cases so I can split them. Otherwise, I’m not sure I could even carry them down to the studio. So tonight I’ll be separating the type, letter by letter and number by number. I have to say–I’m looking forward to having all the stuff in one place so I can finally work. (14 and 24 pt Caslon–it’s gorgeous).


Right Next Door

I’ve been looking and looking online for some type cases to hold the type I’ve ordered. Today, I decided to walk into the antique store right next door to our studio, and wow–a treasure chest! Now, as soon as my type arrives, I have a place to store it.

The owner of Southworth’s is also keeping an eye out for a cabinet. It pays to shop local. Thanks, Walt.




New Furniture

New Furniture

Not that kind. This kind…


Thanks to Emily from St. Brigid Press for a great afternoon. I learned so much, and she is absolutely delightful. The gathering of supplies for printing is time-consuming and expensive, but people have been fantastic.

Today–ordering type, spacers, and a composing stick.

If you are interested in typography, here’s a great video/

Starting to Print

Starting to Print

IMG_1309I’ve been having a great time getting to know my new press. I’ve been practicing inking both the wood type I bought and the magnesium cut I purchased from Oswosso Graphics¬†on a variety of paper types. I knew this would take time, and I’m loving every minute.

To make the cut, I copied some lyrics from Graham Nash’s song Our House. Adobe Illustrator lets me outline the type (and place or design graphics if I want). Then the file is sent to Oswosso. A few days later, I get a magnesium cut mounted on wood that I can set in the press. The possibilities are endless.

What I don’t like is cleaning up. I’m using baby oil to give everything a first rub, and then I swish some mineral spirits on the brayer, type, and roller when I’m finished. I’m also struggling not to get ink on the paper in odd places as I set the type. Because my press has an adjustable roller, I can raise and lower it to get the kind of imprint I want. In the process, I’ve managed to put my fingerprints in random places, which of course ruins the print.

Next weekend I hope to drive to Charlottesville to St. Brigid Press to pick up a Hamilton cabinet and some furniture. I’m so excited to see Emily’s shop, which sounds amazing. And she’s a poet. I can’t wait to visit.

I still need metal type, a composing stick, and some leads and slugs. I’m sure this won’t be the end of the list…

But what a great way to spend a rainy afternoon.