Off to the Visual Arts Center

Off to the Visual Arts Center



My friend, Caroline, is coming back to town. We were certified on the press at the Vis Arts Ctr in Richmond last month, so we want to give it a try- together! We’ll spend the day setting type and printing. I’m working on this print, but it will not look the same once I pick out type and ornaments.

I wanted to give myself something to visualize before I started.

The words, though, will hang on my wall to give me a reminder of how I want to be.




I love New Year’s Day. I love thinking of change, options, ways to be healthy, and ways to grow. Yes, I’m one of those resolution makers.

I have to admit I don’t keep many of them. Or some, I’ve made and dropped and made again. So, in the long run, I’m keeping up.

This year I am considering my eating habits and working on eliminating sugar. I think I’ve tried this every year since I first read Sugar Blues about 100 years ago.

I am also considering adding more reading (fiction) and cutting my screen time. Oh I say I’m reading when I’m staring at my laptop, but glancing at headlines and flitting from page to page really doesn’t count.

Writing– I’m considering designating a time every day to write. See I’ve already started.

And see what I did there? These are all considerations. When I don’t happen to keep them up each day, I will bang my head against the table a little less. I haven’t failed since they weren’t absolute rules.

Speaking of failure. I turn 65 in June. I have a lot to consider before then. So this reading and writing will be a good thing.

I’ll let you know if cutting sugar from my diet was a good thing, too.




In My Kitchen

There’s something about seeing this press in my kitchen every morning that turns me on and wakes me up. I mean really. It’s like I feel ONE with her!

She has helped me over some rough spots lately, and now we’re ready to show off the results. Hope you can visit the Fredericksburg Literary Book Festival this Saturday from 10-5. There will be a wonderful assortment of artists, authors, and book arts lovers. I’ll have some of my favorite cards and prints, too. I’ll be in the red tent at A1 :)

Doing Something


I have a dear, young friend who has breast cancer. She has finished chemo and is beginning radiation. I am inspired by her sweet heart and lovely outlook on life.
When she started losing her hair, she shaved flowers into a design to decorate her head. When her hair finally all fell out, she painted bright colors all over her head.
When I see her, I think: “you have a beautiful head and heart.” And she does.

Cancer treatment is expensive, even with insurance. I wanted to do something for her, so I created this card (collaborating with artist Lynette Reed on the design). Every penny from the sale of this card will go to the young woman’s cancer fund. I have also eliminated the shipping charges on Etsy.

I hope you’ll find a reason to send this to a friend, knowing your contribution of $5 will also go to a wonderful young woman.



I’ve been busy.
For me, fall is a time of renewal, a time of new beginnings.

This must come from my teaching background. September meant new students, new classes, and second chances– for us all.

As a printer, I am experimenting with products (postcards) and color (spray painting my cards before printing!)

That last tip came from a quick conversation with an artist in town (thanks, Gabe). I am hopeful the color backgrounds will provide a creative collection for me.

One thing I won’t get away from is making cards that matter to me. And, as always, I hope they matter to you, too.

Have a great fall!