Reboot/ Regroup

I needed yesterday. Two friends from Life is a Verb Camp, a retreat I attended in November, came to visit and learn about letterpress printing. Recently, I’ve been feeling somewhat out of sorts with my creative life. Not sure of how to proceed, I just drifted from one project to another. But yesterday, I worked … [Read more…]

Hearing Truth

I’ve been thinking a lot about feedback lately. In our writing/arts studio, we want creative people to feel free to explore and play–with words, paint, fiber. For some of us, that’s enough. But others are looking for more, for feedback to finish/publish/sell a project. So we’ve created different spaces for our various stages of production. … [Read more…]

Teaching Again

I love writing with kids. My friend¬†Elizabeth Seaver¬†and I are teaching a “Write a Book” camp this week. Yesterday we offered some creative exercises and the kids took off. We’ve got a lyrical story, a poem about an eggplant, and some unique ideas for cover design. In between workshop and lunch, we heard some of … [Read more…]

Thanks to my RSS feed….

I was reading Sonia Terborg’s post this morning, a review of a book about working with young writers. I’m always looking for new ideas, and Sonia’s detailed explanation sold me. Within minutes, I had paid for and downloaded Workshops Work by Patricia Zaballos. Now, in typical fashion, I’ve spent far too much time on Patricia’s … [Read more…]

Working together

Snacks, water bottles, white boards, and time to chat–all this made a difference in the success of our week-long writing camp, which ended today. What a gift to work in such a small group, sharing ideas, reading our writing, and talking about ways to improve. The boys, good sports both, worked hard on two different … [Read more…]