Does Trauma Play a Role?

I am drawn to sunrises and sunsets. I’m sure that’s because I find them calming.

Lately, I’ve been listening to a podcast on Curable. Dr. Allan Abbass, spoke about how trauma creates pathways to various kinds of anxiety, even trauma that’s barely remembered.

My husband sent me an article from The Washington Post (he’s such a good support in helping me figure out what’s going on in my body –IBS and morning headaches). The article reminded me I had downloaded the Curable app, but I’d never really used it. I was motivated enough this time to binge on several podcasts today and to sign up!

From the article:

The view that chronic pain originates in the brain — that it’s fundamentally a psychological phenomenon, and can be eliminated by altering thoughts, beliefs and feelings rather than by changing something in the body or flooding it with chemicals — has long been controversial and is still largely dismissed as New Age hooey or offensive victim-blaming. But what started out as a hunch by health-care practitioners on the fringe is finally being proved true by science. It’s increasingly clear that chronic pain is often “neuroplastic” — generated by the brain in a misbegotten effort to protect us from danger. And that’s good news, because what the brain learns, we are discovering, it can unlearn. (The Washington Post)

At this point, I am willing to try anything. The comments following the article show people’s fear and lack of understanding. But if I’ve tried everything else, what could hurt? Anything to keep calm and heal.

The mind/body connection is fascinating.