The Fire

fireThis morning, I watched a friend run a local half-marathon in the cold, pouring rain, and then drove her back here for a hot shower before heading over to Amy’s for a stack of pancakes.

She took off for Bethesda, and I’ve spent nearly the entire day sitting on the couch in front of the fire. Lovely.

At one point, I fell asleep with Beau curled up next to me. David had a Hall and Oates concert playing on the TV, and I awoke to songs that brought back memories from years right after college. Driving around Boston. Working in Maryland. Finding my way to Virginia.

I read a few more pages of The Fiction Class by Susan Green and then made ginger sugar cookies.

I love when I’ve planned my grading so well, I get a free weekend to relax, think, read, and rest. Tomorrow exam week starts, and for the first time in in a long while, I’m looking forward to seeing what my kids do with their essays.  I have a feeling some sparks of brilliance will emerge.

Today,though, the fire helped tend my soul.

Image: Original image: ‘Fuoco!‘