I’ve been writing here a long time. My blog began in 2005 as a record of my running. Unfortunately, I lost that first blog hosted on Typepad. Then, as I realized the power of technology in the classroom, I began using my blog for tips and ideas with teachers in my school.

Later, I simply began to write.

I should call this my healing journal since I’ve learned so much about who I am and who I want to be. I’ve also realized how much I like to share, everything from bits about my anxiety to concerns about digestion and Alzheimer’s. Technology/social media can be a terrible/wonderful thing. Finding a balance between sharing what’s helpful and oversharing can be hard. I try to find that balance here.

And, since this is mostly for me, it’s also a record of my life, a place to jot down moments of joy, grief, and even nature at its best. Here’s hoping my 71 year includes lots of grandchildren, travel, saltwater, and family gatherings. Onward.

Thanks for being here.