For too many reasons, I was exhausted yesterday. By the time my writing group rolled around, I was on fumes. So much I could hardly appreciate the poetry I’d worked so hard on the past few weeks.

Today, awake and refreshed, I started to write from a prompt I’d found on gathering/letting go. I assumed I’d focus on the letting go, the cleaning the cobwebs from the brain stuff.

Yet, in typical fashion, I began to read. One link took me to another, just as I stone-jumped over the stream in the mountains. I ended up here, on Mary Pierce Brosmer’s blog.

Stunned for a moment, I paused, letting her poetry wash over me. And then I read about her organization (founded in 1991 no less). In some ways, she has been in my head for such a long time. Her ideas resonate so clearly, so powerfully.

The gathering–of ideas, of thoughts, of possibilities–all sit here with me. So no poem today. But the gathering has been good.



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