From Here to There

Do you ever feel like you are heading off in too many directions? October feels that way to me. And, yet, for some reason, it also feels right. I will be leading two digital writing workshops for the Virginia Association of Independent Schools this month, one for teachers of younger students and the other for … [Read more…]


I understand this fellow. I spend a lot of time staring at the ocean, too. That might seem wasteful or self-indulgent, but to me, it’s time well spent. Some of my best thinking happens at the beach. The regular pounding of the surf lulls me into a kind of meditative state where my mind is … [Read more…]

On Aging

“We’re going to lose this entire generation of parents soon,” my cousin said to me last summer. My father had died a year earlier, and her father, my Dad’s brother, was struggling to walk and remember details. The next death, though, was not his but the third brother’s wife, who died a few days before … [Read more…]