A different perspective

I am finishing up two days back in the classroom, teaching ninth grade English (called "Intro to Genres" in our course of study). We began the year with a short story unit, in which we will explore the structure of a short story before actually writing one of our own. Students will share ideas of theme and characters to compile their stories into a class novel, much like Fred Chappelle's I Am One of You Forever–their summer reading. Lulu.com offers great prices on printed books, so we'll have something to actually put in our hands when we finish!
Although I have great lesson plans from a previous teacher, I hope to put my own stamp on the course. I want to take advantage of our 1:1 program, allow students to explore through technology their thoughts about literature, and use many of the web tools I've been promoting to other teachers as ways to increase  involvement in their own learning.
Today students created blog accounts using 21 classes, and they wrote their first reading reflections. I loved being able to login to the class page and comment quickly on their thoughts. Tomorrow I plan to share some of their comments in class using the projector.
I hope to be able to share our work in some way, connect with students in other schools, and find ways for them to continue to publish their writing.
Right now, though? I'm trying to keep my head above water. I just re-read this, and my tenses are all over the place. But that's all the time I have for this tonight:)