One of those days……

  • This morning, I tried to get my 9th grade students logged into Diigo, and it was blocked.
  • My colleague unblocked it right away, and then my bookmarking tool wouldn't work for the students.
  • I then tried to show them to use Wordle to see how often they used certain words in their short stories, but many students couldn't get java loaded on their laptops to make it work.
  • During my sixth-grade tech class, the students were ready to upload their photos to Animoto and compare the design and choices of technique to PhotoStory. At the exact moment they were ready to upload, Animoto went down. Is it EVER down?
  • This afternoon, I prepared to start grading the students' drafts of short stories, which they had sent me via MS Word, and I realized I would need to download the documents from my Gmail account to my Mac's Text Edit program, then copy and paste the stories into Mac's Pages in order for me to add comments.
  • The yearbook's online design program wouldn't create the kind of split screen photo the editor wanted so we had to call tech support. No luck.
  • After school, I tried to show several teachers Voice Thread, and I was so tired, I couldn't remember how to add students to the education account we have.
  • At dinner, I said to my husband, "You know, opening up a textbook and asking the students to read and answer questions in their notebook sounds pretty good right now."

Tomorrow's gonna be better.