Why we teach…

Life has been crazy lately.
We jumped back into reading and writing on Monday, I had a class Tuesday night, and today I helped a teacher with a video after school and then raced home to participate in two Elluminate online discussions with people from the Powerful Learning Practice. The online chats ended a little after 6, and then it was time for dinner and work on the yearbook.
Feeling just a little tired, I was having one of those, "Is this really worth it moments…"
Then I opened an email that made me smile.  This young woman, a student in my ninth-grade English class, will be the Head Page during this year's General Assembly, missing many weeks of class. To keep her connected, we are putting much of her work online, and we'll Skype her in when we can.
Her advisor suggested she might want to blog about her experiences.
Yes, great idea!
Since we are in the process of setting up our blogging platform, this seemed a perfect way to test it.
I gave M. a blog yesterday, and she has already replaced the header, posted, and received three comments. Tonight, she sent me this email (and I asked if I could share it here):

parents haven’t heard the end of the “world of blogging.” They
still don’t get it…. “So you’re saying that if I know
something special about gardening, I can write about…but why would I want
to just write down what I know…how does it help me?” I guess they
really are from a different generation.
I am completely enthralled with every bit of it. It seems now that I am aware,
blogging’s everywhere—tv, newspapers, online… One of my
favorite sections of the Free Lance Star, today, (the it! section-comes every Thursday)
and there’s an entire spread dedicated to the ‘blogosphere’
and neat blogs to check out. I can’t stop looking through all the neat
blogs! I’ll bring it in tomorrow, in case you don’t get a chance to
look at it.

fellow blogger,


read your entry about the ‘first day back’ to school. The last line
is SO powerful, and TRUE! I guess if I were a true blogger, I would have
commented this…I’ll get the hang of it, eventually!

I am delighted she is discovering the joys of connecting, reading, and writing. That she cared enough to share her thoughts with me makes it even better.

Yes, indeed, M. A fellow blogger.
I love the sound of that.