Learning the value of a network

 Something I've tried to teach my students this year is how to learn together. Over the past couple of years, I've found great value in sharing with my network of colleagues from around the world.
Twitter, of course, has been part of that network. Curious, I tried to search for my first "tweet," wondering what in the world I said to start this ball rolling.
Though I think I started in the spring of 2007, applications that search will only go back as far as 3,200 tweets, so this was the earliest one I could find:
MyTweet16 | View any Twitter user_s first tweets-2  
I remember discovering Kim Cofino, a 21st century learning specialist, who has since shared multiple presentations, learning activities, global collaborations, and things to make me thing in the time since. Is this ability to connect and learn a literacy? A skill? A practice? All of these, I believe. And as I've seen with my students, a practice that takes time because we are undoing years of learning alone.
What a meaningful journey this has been.

And one day I'll find that very first tweet.