I must be ADHD. Really. spinning

Today, during my first day back at school, I rearranged the furniture instead of cleaning off the bookshelves; played with my new HP mini when I should be have been organizing my files; ate some Gummi Bears; cut through the library to go copy something and ended up talking about the Tech 6 class with a colleague; raced out to buy a wireless printer (on a whim) and spent three unsuccessful hours trying to get it on our network; forgot I brought lunch and drove to WaWa for a chicken salad sandwich and some more Gummi Bears; decided to talk to HR about changing my direct deposit when I haven’t even set up the new account with my bank; and cut out letters for my bulletin board display when I had promised to help teachers login to the ning for our discussion tomorrow.

Please. My room looks like the streets after the Running of the Bulls, without the injured bodies.  And I have so much yet to do.

Tomorrow we’ll be in meetings most of the day, so I need to get my act together. Focus. Focus. Focus.

But despite the frantic pace, I love the first days. Anticipating the best year ever. Hoping to  create the kind of classroom community that nurtures the desire to learn, create, and share.  Another chance.

A few more Gummi Bears, and I’ll be ready.