Managing Stuff

Organization is not my strength. I’m a big picture person. As much as that sounds like an excuse, it’s not.

I recognize my flaw.

And I’ve spent my entire life coming up with plans to cope with my tendency to start something, move over to something else, and then discover what I really want to work on or read.

Today I have two interview set up, I need to clean out my guest bedroom stacked high with everything I dumped in there from my classroom, plus I want to buy a large monitor to hook to my Mac. I’ve been struggling to* see* lately (long story about cataracts and getting old), and I know I’ll need to look at a larger display as much time as I’m spending online.

So I am making to-do lists each morning. I know if I don’t, I’ll spend the entire time sitting on my couch, feet up on the coffee table, staring at my laptop–twittering away. I use my Google Calendar, but I know I need something more.

I wonder–how do you all organize? What’s the best way to keep a daily schedule perhaps with audible reminders? I have an iphone, so I’ll take all suggestions related to apps as well.

And if I come up with a good system, I’ll share it here.

Now, back to searching for a new camera lens (was that on the list?)

Image: Uploaded on September 30, 2009
by nayukim