It’s All About the Projects

When I was Director of Instructional Technology at my former school, I once asked teachers to stop calling projects–well, projects. That’s because I wanted them to think in terms of projects being the way to teach, rather than the exception, the “fun” extra (which is what was happening). I fully believe that year-long, student-centered, project-based learning  will be a key to developing thinking, caring, productive children.
Now that I am about to start working with the Australian Victoria Department of Education and Early Childhood Development, I plan to share my resources and develop new ones online.
Powerful Learning Practice will be running a cohort for the teachers in Victoria (in collaboration with ideaslab), focused on project-based learning. As the Community Leader (I’m so excited!), I’ll be working with them in our NING, sharing projects, collecting examples, and building community.

Sacha Chua’s slide deck has inspired me to try to share here more often as well. I tend to use this space to reflect rather than create. But let’s see if I can stick to my goal of creating and sharing–at least for a while!

Six Steps to Sharing

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image credit: By courosa