Lessons Learned

A few days in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, and I’ve come away with some lessons learned:

  1. Time to do nothing but read, walk, write, and sleep soothes me.
  2. Disconnecting is easy; I didn’t miss being online at all.
  3. Cabins are warmer than tents.
  4. My ego gets in the way of so much.
  5. Going down the trail is much easier than climbing back up.
  6. Writing helps me make sense of life.
  7. When I wake in the middle of the night, I shouldn’t leave my kindle on the floor under the bed. (really hoping they find it and mail it to me.)

Edit: And they did find my Kindle. Thanks, Shenandoah National Park employees:)

What We Need Is Here
Wendell Berry

Geese appear high over us,
pass, and the sky closes. Abandon,
as in love or sleep, holds
them to their way, clear
in the ancient faith: what we need
is here. And we pray, not
for new earth or heaven, but to be
quiet in heart, and in eye,
clear. What we need is here.