Reflecting on #NPM

I really thought I might make it, writing a poem a day for National Poetry Month. But since I’ve now missed a day, I think it’s time to end this experiment.
This was a stretch for me. My writing has been limited to feature and news stories for our local paper, academic writing, and blog posts–both personal and professional. When I opened my writing studio in January, my intent was to push myself to explore creative writing, which I loved as a child. Even as a reporter, I tried to focus on telling stories rather than covering budget hearings. One of my favorite assignments turned out to be spending the summer with homeless alcoholics in Fredericksburg. The paper allowed a three-day, front page series of stories.

Opening the studio has allowed me to dream big dreams. Write poetry? Sure. Start a novel? Why not? Work with other writers? Of course.

What I hope to do now is choose some of the poetry that has potential and toss the rest. Wendy Bishop says this: “Revision takes you from self to society, from the writer’s concerns to the readers’ concerns.”

The real work begins.