Three days. Water views of the Potomac and Herring Creek, calling ospreys and cawing seagulls, gentle breezes tilting branches in the blue sky–how could I not be inspired to write?

And yet, the process did not come easily. Under the direction of Elizabeth Ayers, a friend and I worked through various writing pieces, using strategies Elizabeth has developed over the years. At times, we squirmed with discomfort. Elizabeth pushed me to lose my “super ego,” which she says blocks me from producing. I’m sure she’s right. Words eventually came. And came. And came.

I felt at home on St. George’s Island and the surrounding area as if I had lived among the boats and shores forever. A re-visit is definitely on my list.

But now, I have work to do.

They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.
~Andy Warhol