It’s funny. When I worked with my yearbook and newspaper kids on their publications, I viewed any typo or error as a learning experience. I didn’t do their work for them, and I wanted them to understand the ramifications of not editing well. Ok, in truth, part of the reason is that I’m not a detail person myself. I love writing and revising, but editing? Ugh. I have to force myself to read one word at a time, and even then I can read right over a mistake.

But I have to say, I worked hard on my recent story for our local monthly magazine, and I was disappointed to see a typo in the headline (which I didn’t write). Actually, I was mortified.

After taking several deep breaths and nearly hyperventilating, I told myself it wasn’t the end of the world. And it isn’t.

Mistakes happen. I know whoever wrote “hungrey” for “hungry” is kicking himself right now.

And next time, it might be me.