So Far Away

It’s 5 a.m. Not an unusual time for me to get up since I try to get in my exercise before breakfast. If I don’t, the workout doesn’t happen.

But first, I pull out my laptop and check email, twitter, and my RSS feed- my morning routine. Yesterday, I decided to visit Tania Sheko, a friend from PLP days and someone I’ve kept up with for her great resources and teaching activities. I remembered some literacy activities I wanted to read again, and, wow, did I find them. Then today, Jenny Luca popped up on twitter with a link to some PBL reflections. Just what I needed for some work I’m doing with Collegiate School in Richmond.

A couple of days ago, Melanie Hutchinson texted me a reminder to post my photo in Flickr, a re-do of a project we participated in a few years ago. Hello New York :)

In Tania’s and Jenny’s case, I love being able to watch their work from Australia in the middle of the night when I can’t sleep. Hooray for time differences!

It’s funny. I’m picturing us all as 90-year-olds, drinking our tea, and skyping (or whatever it happens to be) about our day, still sharing those important moments in our lives.

A visit to Flickr, or a quick tweet to Canada— for me, a meaninful way to start the day.