Sticking to the Plan

So, I’ve started to cook again, and by cook I mean, not follow recipes and hope for the best.

After reading Forks Over Knives last weekend, I am inspired to eat less meat. Ok, eat no meat. But so far, I’ve found myself visiting the grocery store every day, spending far too many hours chopping peppers and onions, and running back and forth to the oven to be sure dinner hasn’t burned.

Cooking isn’t my favorite activity. Last week, I’d pop into the butcher’s shop around 5 p.m., grab some chicken and a couple of potatoes, and then head home to bake and grill.  Boring but easy.

Now, my thinking about dinner starts way too early.  And I don’t follow recipes (that’s another post). To plan, prepare, and serve vegan dishes will be a monumental challenge. And I’ll probably fail at first. But at least I’m trying.

And that’s what I say about the poetry I’m working on. Some days, words flow and fit together like a cool puzzle. Other days, I want to close the door to my studio and go walk the dog. Which I do.

My tendency is to give up when I don’t have immediate success. But like running a half-marathon (or five!), there are no short cuts. Writing poetry and preparing vegan meals will take time, practice, and effort.

I’m in for the long haul.