Last Week of Class

We were instructed to write something new for our last short fiction class. I thought I had it–basing my scene on an incident, using a 14-year-old’s voice. But I’m not sure I can “be” 14 again, so it was a struggle. However, I submitted last night, and I’m looking forward to our last class together this week. I’ve learned so much.

Speaking of submissions, I’d heard if a writer gets one submission for 100 rejections, she’s doing well. So I’d say to have earned these seven submissions for my 75 rejections is pretty good.

Brevity Poetry Review,

Haunted Waters Press,

Curio Poetry,

Dead Mule School of Southern Literature,

Literary Mama,

Bluestem Magazine

The Nearest Poem Anthology

As I used to say when running, onward.