A New Space


I’ve been busy.

This fall I moved my writing studio into a new space with two artist friends, Elizabeth Seaver and Lynette Reed. We call it Water Studio Writing and Arts, after the street on which we “live,” which used to be called Water Street. (Wow, that was an awkward sentence!)

We hope to offer integrated writing/art classes as well as our traditional writing workshops and art classes. The best part? Being with creative people. Last Friday we had nearly 100 people stop by with good wishes! We are so grateful for friends who support us in our new adventure.

Here are a few photos¬†of the artwork, our classes, and some of the items in our gift shop. And if you want to visit our Facebook page or blog, please do! That’s one of the reasons I haven’t been posting much here. Maintaining two Twitter feeds, two blogs, and FB on top of everything we needed to do to get set up. Well, I’m a little over the top.

But now that we’re in, I’m ready to write. I worked on a poem (taken from the draft of an essay) today. And I think it has potential.

And today a new writing friend brought these. Folded paper cranes, a perfect gift to spread happiness around our new home.


I’m feeling settled. And that’s a good place to be.