Doing What We Can

Our solar panels are installed! I remember a few years ago when I called myself a “reluctant recycler.” I did it. But I resented having to wash out glass jars, separate some plastic from others, and break down all that cardboard. Basically, I was lazy.

Finally, I had a realization that if I didn’t try to help the environment, who would I blame for the climate crisis? So now we use only glass containers, no more paper towels (old t-shirt sleeves do the trick), buy only organic food, and cook so we can eat leftovers for days, and take all old clothes and furniture to Goodwill, rather than throw things out in the landfill.

We haven’t figured out how to stop using kitty litter bags, but we do use the ones that disintegrate fairly easily.

These days I am no longer grumpy. We are doing our best.