I’m on a Roll

* Sunday morning is a big day in my inbox. I love reading Recomendo, Brain Food, and the Isolation Journals among others.
  • Today I learned about The Feynman Technique, which is essentially trying to teach the concept you are trying to learn. I used to apply this when I taught middle school, but I could certainly teach David a thing or two :)
  • Suleika Jaouad shared this about memory– something I think about often.

I’m fascinated by what the mind protects us from, what it holds onto, and what it lets go. By how our memories morph in our retelling of them, by how they can calcify. Though we know memory is fallible, we give so much credence to it, as if remembering a moment, a person, or a place is what makes it “real.” But we aren’t living our lives as reporters, with a tape recorder and a fact checker. So rather than only focusing on if our memory matches up with someone else’s or whether it’s objectively true, I find it interesting to interrogate why we remember what we remember—and what that can reveal.

  • I love this simple idea about change from Kyle Kowalski on Sloww Sunday.

Pain > Positives = Change.