Thinking about writing and eating and cleaning

Today is Thanksgiving, and we are spending it alone. That’s not to say we are lonely! We’ve had family visiting since last Friday. I love spreading out the visits. It makes for a long week, but I get to concentrate on whoever is here. We are having a quiet morning and will walk to Brock’s around 2pm for dinner. I am also making soup and getting ingredients organized for lunch and supper on Saturday with the last group of family.

~I had an episode of seborrheic dermatitis this week- and the cream the doctor recommended made my eyes and face puffy, dry, and itchy. The allergic reaction was worse than the little spot I’d pointed out! So I am also on the hunt for some new clean moisturizers. It’s always something as I age, but I am trying to remind myself “it could be worse.”

~As I think about writing again, this caught my eye. 5 things and this: Common literary essay forms that you might have heard about include the “braided essay” or the “lyric essay,” but there is not a strong consensus on what precisely these two terms mean. There is also the “fragmented essay,” the “mimetic essay” or “hermit crab essay,” and the “vignette essay.”

~I bought a duvet from Quince so I can wash it often. The cat seems to want to spend more and more time on the bed. At 18, he is cranky and sweet, often at the same time. I’d rather clean the duvet often than kick him off.

~ Finally, as I work through my skin’s issues, I am reminding myself how much my brain influences physical pain.

Keep your heart open, friends. The sun is out in Virginia, and it’s beautiful. Enjoy today in whatever way feels good to you.