The Darkness

I have always loved Eleanor Roosevelt’s quote: It is better to light one small candle than curse the darkness. I reminded myself of that during the past two weeks when my health took a turn. First I managed to get an ITB injury on my hip, which made it hard to exercise. Then I ended up with an arm impingement which kept me awake for days every time I rolled over on it. Of course I was still learning about my osteoporosis, and ended up getting some tests to see where I should go with that

Ahh, the effects of aging. I found myself slipping into the dark spaces of my mind, wondering if my body would always hurt. If I’d never feel healthy again. Those words: always and never. They rarely prove true, so I quickly shook them off, reminding myself of what I’ve come through before.

Then after physical therapy, more stretching, more weight lifting, and a decision to start meds for the spine issues and I could feel myself lifting out of the weight. I slept well the past two nights and my increased movement is helping me all the way around. Oh, I am also taking 8-12 tablets of psyllium husks each day. Wow, what a miracle for my gut!

I do believe in facing the shadows. For years, I tried to suppress any negative thoughts. A regular Pollyanna, I was. Now I’ve learned to acknowledge them, tell my brain not to fear pain or anxiety, and to breathe. That pattern helps me come back to a light where I can see, make decisions, and more forward.

And lucky me- I am traveling to a warm place in the Caribbean soon. Writing, reading, eating, and walking…

I’ll be thanking Mother Nature for all things turquoise :)