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    Another Summer

    Austin Kleon¬†shared this video today that made me take a deep breath and appreciate my summer. Play through…. I’m taking Maurice Sendak’s words to heart today: I wish you all good things. Live your life, live your life, live your…

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    This is a tired smile after a long day of doing nothing. Perfect.

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    To Grow Old

    Poet Donald Hall died. His poem “Affirmations” is one that is on my mind today. My mother has dementia, and with it comes moments of anger and aggression that she no longer anticipates or remembers moments after they pass. Instead,…

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    Babbie’s Life

    People often ask what my car tags mean: SH Harbr. My great-grandmother, Ellen Woodbury born in 1863,¬† built a house there in 1910, in a small artist community where all the streets are named after composers. Her daughter Babbie and…