Being Intentional

I awoke today, realizing last week (not an easy one for me) was gone. Instead of relief, I am feeling the need to slow down. A simple shift in perspective makes me appreciate all that I have instead of worrying about people and events over which I have no control.  

Working on Lately

As I refine my two collections, Classic and Fresh, I am also keeping in mind my third, recommended by friends–the “mental health” collection (though I still need a name for that one). I find that cards and prints can inspire and motivate– or more importantly, show you “get” it. So once I get these all … [Read more…]

It’s Not Easy

I’ve been looking for a new press. And I’m always looking for new type. And stuff. So there’s a fine balance between always shopping and finding time to ‘make” and print. I did finish 25 invitations this week, the first time I’ve done that. And I’m working on a polymer plate for Skin Touch Therapy … [Read more…]