You have to use it to believe

Zotero is one of those applications I've had on my computer for, oh at least a year. Occasionally, I would pull it up and save something, but then I'd forget to go back to it. I tend to use my diigo/delicious combo for saving and annotating websites, and I hadn't done much research lately (one … [Read more…]

Too much, too soon?

In my switch from Instructional Tech Coordinator to English teacher this year, I've been riding waves of emotions. I looked forward to the chance to have my own class, to use our 1:1 program fully, integrating technology into my program;  I also realized this established curriculum meant following a set plan in terms of assigned … [Read more…]

A calming perspective

Darren Kuropatwa, a member of my PLN, posted this video on our private ning. I wanted to share it here since it presents what I believe is a balanced perspective for those who think technology and social media are isolating and detrimental to relationships.

Sometimes you just have to play

With so many online options for writing, publishing, and archiving, it’s difficult to know which tool to use. Don’t you sometimes feel you just flit from one tool to another?But sometimes you have to play. This morning, based on a post by Michele Martin over at The Bamboo Project, I tried (again) Zoho Office. I … [Read more…]