The Learning Continues


Since my trip to EduCon and SLA, I haven’t been able to sit still. I am
filled with an energy I can’t quite describe. This week alone, I’ve
worked on/helped with/logged into/twittered with/discovered…..

  • our history teacher’s project where students research, upload powerpoint to Voice Thread, embed on a wiki with rest of the research, and share
  • interesting new voices online-more people to follow on Twitter and more blogs to read
  • a new presentation for our juniors and seniors about their online presence and how to create a positive one
  • Mr.Mayo’s students’ sites–powerful
  • Be Very Afraid, thanks to David Warlick.
  • conversations
    with my "skeptic," whom I took to EduCon. He has changed his American
    History class as of today. And I enjoy his challenging questions; they
    make me think
  • the fourth grade Voice Threads with Kim Cofino’s group…we are commenting away
  • questions from a language teacher about wikis
  • online PD with Robin Ellis and Darren Draper
  • Tweets to new found friends that I can now picture
  • my new computer–more memory and lighter:)
  • twitter with my colleague Jennifer (jclarkevans)

am so grateful for the opportunity to learn and share. Mostly it was
the opportunity to hear new voices, re-focus my own goals, and plan for
this semester in a meaningful way.


2 thoughts on “The Learning Continues

  1. I know exactly how you feel! That’s how I felt after the Learning 2.0 conference in September – so much fun, so much learning, so much to do :)

  2. It is so great to meet up with people face to face. I am looking forward to New Zealand’s Learning at School conference 19-22 February. I am trying to get a live blogging tool embedded in my blog so that I can share what I am doing but there are a ‘few technical issues’ to work through!

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