A second look

I am sure Karl Fisch must feel the same way–if I never see Did You Know again, I won’t mind.
Not that I have anything particular against the video. Initially, I was inspired and motivated by it; now, I’m simply tired of references to it. When I hear the music, I almost feel dread!
However, this teacher’s post caught my attention. I’ve been enjoying Dina’s blog. Powerful writing. Thoughtful. Engaging.
Today, she writes about her visit to a conference in New Orleans, her need to put it in writing, but her decision to do it visually instead:

However, I also cannot deny that for me, the experience of New Orleans,
and the questions it raised about the responsibility our society has to
answer the basic needs of its people before anything else, do stand in
stark ironic contrast to the juggernaut spread of “Do You Know?”.

Go. Visit. Watch.

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  1. Thank you for this link. I’m always amazed that people find stuff on the blog moving enough to link to it; it seems the ultimate responsibility, and honor. Karl Fisch’s posted on it too, believe it or not. :)

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