I read this blog fairly regularly, and this particular post (which I just re-read) hit me right over the head today…..hope he doesn’t mind that I copied it here….(what’s the protocol for this?)

  • That being open to learning often means being challenged, being
    surprised, being overwhelmed, and being wrong. Sometimes all of these
    things at once. And it’s OK.
  • That some of the best learning experiences come from being vulnerable– a key part of being open– and vulnerability’s OK.
  • That vulnerability– even the good kind– often involves fear. And fear’s OK.
  • That none of these things matter if you don’t care and the
    fact that you don’t care isn’t always– or even often– your fault. It’s
    not a permanent condition. It’s OK to care.
  • That the upper register of caring is in harmony with passion
    and while we can’t all be passionate about the same things we can
    respect it when we see it, hold onto it when we discover it, and look
    for it everywhere. Go ahead: dig through the drawers, go for dessert
    first, wonder aloud, and ask big questions. It’s OK.
  • That being passionate can make us strangers in our own skin–
    not to mention our world of friends, acquaintances, peers and family–
    and that’s OK.
  • That wonder is just one down-stroke past wander, you can’t
    have the first if you don’t do the second, and wonder isn’t only
    wanting to know something you don’t, but a state of being, as in being
    awestruck or being in love.

Image: ‘Dream