On my mind…

Parent Meeting
    Our first parent class to explain how technology changes how and what we teach was last night. I enjoyed working with the parents, explaining wikis, blogs, and RSS. Of course we didn't do it all. Last night's class was more of an overview, but it was fun watching their enthusiasm for how we are working with their children. I also realized I need to spend some time re-organizing my own wiki and the sidebar. Thanks ever so much to Liz Davis and her wonderful resource. I downloaded a copy of her document, but I am going to buy one, too. It's terrific!

Jane Hart posted this resource today, and it is very cool. Type an outline in Text2MindMap and quickly convert it to a mindmap, without having to register. I did one for library skills and saved it as a .jpg in no time. Wahoo!!

Getting to know you me
I enjoyed listening/watching to Keith Gessen talk about how technology has changed his relationship with his readers. Of course, the same concepts apply to people in all institutions and societal groups. With the internet, it's hard not to know what people think about you.