Instant PD

Once again my network comes to the rescue. I am spending the day thinking about what and how I will teach next year. Of course, while I am working, I am checking Twitter, because….you never know what will pop up.
Tom, my WPMU friend from Richmond, has shared a link to a video.
I browse the site, and suddenly I am watching an 8th grade English teacher learning how to go from Good to Outstanding as he teaches a Dickens novel. The concept is like a reality TV show. The teacher teaches, then gets help from the experts. He has three weeks to come back and teach again, hoping to gain respect, votes, and a better class! Not only do they help him with how to present content, he also get advice about tone of voice, how to carry himself, and how his room looks.
In 30 minutes I learned some great techniques for making "an old dusty novel" come alive and how to modulate voice and gestures to not talk too much.
Does he make it? You'll have to watch:)
Thanks, Tom.
Ok, back to work.

1 thought on “Instant PD

  1. Glad you like it as well. I found this format very compelling. It kind of combines a lot of the stuff I’ve been talking to a variety of people about. I’m trying to pitch it as a way for us to do professional development in our county. Be pretty interesting in terms of modeling lots of good stuff.

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