One week down

And the answer is: it’s all good.heart
What was the question? Oh yeah, how’s your teaching going??
I must admit I was not too sure about moving back to 8th grade this year. For the past four years, I have had a new assignment each fall, requiring me to prepare new lessons, and figure out new schedules, systems, and rules.
But I have to admit, this feels right.
The students are amazing. So inquisitive, curious. Eager to talk and debate.
Already, we’ve shared “wow” quotes from the book we’re reading, Lord of the Flies. They have discussed what “civilized society” means and whether we can ever have a “perfect society.”
Most like to write. Really write.
My biggest challenge is not boring them, keeping them engaged. They want to participate and learn. I owe them the best I can give them.
I wish, oh I wish, I had laptops for them to use in the classroom. Not every day. Not all period. But I can see already how not having them will affect my teaching. I miss our 1:1 program in the upper school.
But I’m not focusing on the negatives right now. I’m having too much fun.

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  1. I hope their discussion of civilized society was not soiled by the raging debate over whether the President of the United States should or should not address public school children via the web on Tuesday. What a national disgrace.

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