Please listen

I have great kids in my classes. I really do. They are curious, hard-working, and bright.

But today I wanted to scream. I spent quite a bit of time creating a research guide for them, a way to start finding information about social justice issues. I even created a custom google search with all my favorite resources.

So what do I find as I walk around the room? A student on

I corrected and sent her off in a new direction.

Two minutes later, she’s on Dogpile, saying what funny things she is finding.

SCREAM inside my head.

“Why do you think I spent time working on these resources, for you?” I ask as patiently as I can. “So you could ignore them and just browse through various links?”

I know. Kids need to learn to sift through resources on the web, figuring out which are valid and which are a waste of time. That’s certainly a valuable skill. But sometimes I want them to go directly to the best place and read.

Read and think.

Ok, I’m better now. I can do this again. Tomorrow.


3 thoughts on “Please listen

  1. kids on spring fever?

    I’m trying to think when i was in middle school, and i know i didn’t always appericate the hardwork at that moment… but it doesn’t mean i didn’t learn to later.. so i think even if they are missing the importance now.. it doesn’t mean it won’t hit them back in the head later.. so lesson and work not totally lost..

  2. I had the very same experience two weeks ago as we worked on a geog. project. A teachable moment was created when the student’s question on was answered by “Mr. Monkey-man”. Hmm…reliable source? They got it.

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