A Successful Move

I get as tired as the next person of all these labels and acronyms. But this week I was so grateful for my network, and a friend who came through in a pinch.

For the last two years, we’ve had our school’s blogging platform hosted by Bluehost. Then, given one week’s notice, we were told we had become too large and needed to move. Yikes. I didn’t know what do to. Panic set in.

But Jim Groom came to the rescue (nobody helps like the Bava). Turns out Gardner Campbell was having similar issues, and between them and another friend, they flipped us over to a new site. Frankly, we would have been lost without his assistance. His recommendation (also sent by a former student) was to move to ThePlanet.com. A few phone calls on my part, and lots of hours on his part, and we are up and running!!

We have our own cloud server (I will probably need to learn how to manage some of it, but, hey, it’s good for the brain synapses, right?) And our kids can now continue sharing, reflecting, and learning.

All because one day I saw this tweet from Jim. Well, you can read more about it here.

I love what he wrote here:

Bully for Fredericksburg Academy for opting for a fast, cheap, and out-of-control approach to teaching and learning technologies that basically tells your students that you don’t hate them or distrust them, but rather are intent on giving them an open space to make their voices heard. Sometimes a little local sharing goes a long way!

You are so right, Jim. You rock. Thanks.