Help! Which Way Should I Go?

Here’s my dilemma: I own a nearly 3-year-old Macbook. I also own an iPhone (contract expires this June), but I find it hard to read and communicate on, though I do my best. (Bad eyes?) I want to have something (not just a Kindle) that is lighter and smaller (with more than wifi). The Macbook is actually fine, though it doesn’t have much memory and the fan races when I try to watch any videos.

Soooo, I am pondering these choices. I ‘d love to have you all weigh in on this.

Option One: Buy a new Macbook Air and keep the phone. Use the Air for most everything (I’ll buy a 3G card)

Option Two: Buy an iPad and keep using the Macbook. Take the data plan off the iPhone (don’t want two data plans)

Option Three: Buy a Xoom and keep using the Macbook. Take the data plan off the iPhone

I’m thinking I may also need a Kindle, but maybe not if I have the iPad or Xoom.

What’s the word?

6 thoughts on “Help! Which Way Should I Go?

  1. I have an ipad, an iPhone and a MBP and a PC laptop and an air card. I cancelled service on the iPad. I have been able to connect wirelessly everywhere I have gone so far including the dr’s office. My wife reads on her ipad with the kindle app. I don’t use my MBP as much as I could or should. Don’t need to because of the iPad. Due to work I have lots of minutes on phone as well as text/data plan. Don’t know if that helps or confuses even more but some of my thoughts. Good luck.

    1. Thanks, Paul. All of this is still confusing, as you said. I am going to sit on this for another month and then plunge ahead.

  2. Hey, Susan – interesting you should ask. I’ve been researching similar issues this morning. My wife got an iPad in November – just wi-fi, but it has really untethered her from her iMac. I’m wishing I had one, even though I use a MacBook Pro. If you work with your laptop all day, as I know you do, it’s nice to have a small portable device to browse and use for more non-work purposes. Somehow it feels like you’re getting out of the office?!

    My wife’s biggest frustration with the iPad is its refusal to play Flash video w/o outside help. Is this enough reason to opt for Xoom? Not sure. We’re going to install the SkyFire browser app on the iPad and see if that satisfies. It appears to have some cool social tools as well.

    We may well end up w/ two tablets – I inherit the current iPad and she gets another one with mobile capacity (she works in a nearby town – I work at home). Verizon is the only service where we live in the mts. so mobile service for iPad has just become an option, really. If we really join the tablet revolution, whether we join with a Xoom or a second iPad is up in the air.

    1. John, I saw that your browser app seemed to help. These are confusing options, aren’t they? Grrrrrr.

  3. Is this not the question of our day? My wife has an iPad and it is really just a surfboard for the Internet. (At least the way we use it.) I cannot see it replacing everything I do on my MacBook. I’d go with upgrading the Mac (but not a MacBook Air. Not sold on that yet.), getting a low priced iPhone through a plan renewal and buying a slick reader, which may rule out the iPad. I’ve read on CNET that the Nook is the best reader out there and if it is Jail-broken or “rooted” in Android-ese it can be used as a high powered app browser.

    1. Thanks, Mac. A Nook–now you’ve thrown in another variable! But I am considering all options:)

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