Social Media Ennui, And Yet….

Do you ever get tired of connecting? Every once in a while, I have to step away.

I’ve never liked Facebook (PLP’s Sheryl Nussbaum Beach was giving me a hard time because I said I don’t use it much). Of course, I do jump on for PLP, but frankly, most of my connecting is for professional reasons. I have not been able to get into FB to connect with friends, and sometimes that makes me feel like a luddite, despite my propensity to be online connecting for all hours of the day! Twitter has been my go-to app for finding resources and getting to know others in my field. And I also connect on Flickr, diigo, and delicious.

But now there’s a new player, and I’m finding it fits in nicely with my work flow. Google Plus, Google’s new attempt at social networking, seems to have what I need so far. I like the Circles, and I like the ability to have threaded conversations. The novelty may wear off, and I do find that it’s now one more place to go. But I’m going….and curious.

What are your thoughts so far?



1 thought on “Social Media Ennui, And Yet….

  1. Well, you have given me hope that perhaps Google+ will be worth all of the “talk” that has gone around, ha! I haven’t been on it yet, but I’ve been curious what others think about it and how they are using it [personally? professionally? classroom potential?]. I also cringe at the idea of one more space to log into, but it seems to be receiving such positive reviews that maybe it’s worth adding another space after all! Thanks for sharing!

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