Out of my comfort zone

When @timmmmyboy * shared this ipad app on twitter the other day, I was intrigued. I’ve been playing around with watercolors, trying to “be uncomfortable.” And, wow, am I.

I’ve never taken an art class until now nor do I have artistic ability. But I am determined to put in the hours, keep working on the craft. This app was a fun, unusual way to continue the process. I’m rather addicted:)

@timmmmyboy also has this claim to fame


Do you relish the thought of a door opening?
Or does it terrify you?
Fragments of missteps and failures clutter the doorstep.
Like a magnet, you are pulled back.
But you must push past.
Quickly now, step in.
The light dims and then brightens.
You choose between fear and wonder.
Ahead are possibilities, but you know that.

writing prompt #poetrymonth